Waiteika Eczema Tolerant Romneys

Waiteika Station ~ 600ha coastal hill country property, farmed by the Abbott family since 1973


About Waiteika Station

Waiteika Station is a 600ha coastal hill country property, farmed by the Abbott Family since 1973. Situated on the west coast just north of Kawhia, an hours drive from Otorohanga, Te Awamutu and Hamilton. Breeding robust functional sheep from 600 Naturally bred high performing S.I.L recorded ewes on humid hills where only the hardy survive up to 8+ years, unshepherded since 1970, plus pooling FE Gold Genetics with the Reeves Waimai Romneys. ( Utilising sheep 5K DNA.)

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Ramguard Certificate 2016~17


Industry Awards Finalist '15

Breeding Priority ~ Minimal Input ~ Maximum Return

The Waiteika Station Flock

Eczema →

Ramguard Testing since 1985 – consistently increasing tolerance annually to 0.60 MG/KG since 2003, one of the highest tested Romney flocks in New Zealand. (FE Gold accredited)

Fertility →

Challenging stud ewes to perform on steep broken hill country unshepherded, recording and docking lambs at 3 weeks old consistently weaning 140% ~ 145%.

Parasites →

Selecting high WormFEC and DNA index resistant ram lambs with minimal dags and a prolonged worm challenge (no ewes worm drenched, dipped or vaccinated).

Growth →

Progeny selected for superior weaning and 8 month weights with a good condition score (Early maturity).

Wool →

Breeding quality 2nd shear wool, long clean staple that allows air circulation (reducing fly strike).

Dags →

Dag scoring all recorded sheep.

Feet →

Soundness high priority.


We are dedicated to breeding healthy Romney Rams, but we couldn't do it without support from these guys. Here you'll find links to some of the best in the business, locally and around New Zealand.

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For more information about Waiteika Station or our eczema tolerant Romneys please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email, or send us a message with the contact form below.

Waiteika Station – 599Ha Coastal Hill Country property farmed by the Abbott Family since 1973.